WRR Enhance 165
Lot Number:13
Start Time:10/8/2022 6:00:00 PM
Bid Count:14
Starting Bid:$1.00
Bid Increment:$100.00
Current Bid:$3,200.00
Bidding complete

Farm Wiles Ridge Ranch
Consigner Truman Wiles
Phone 417-252-0726
Reg # 20358188
Birth Date 9/10/21
Sex Bull
Sire SydGen Enhance
Dam WRR Forever Lassie 946
Foot Notes VERY COMPLETE PACKAGE ENHANCE SON. 165 has a TOP of the line EPD profile with a Top 10% $BEEF and a Top 5% $COMBINED INDEX of 300 $C. He is Show-Me-Select qualified with a +7 CED. 165 has a Top 30% WW EPD and a TOP 15% YW EPD. He has a TOP 3% Milk EPD of 37. His Marb EPD of 1.12 puts him in the top 10% of the breed. He has excellent body length, good frame at a 7.1 frame, with very good ease of movement. There is only one other bull in the breed that can match his combination of BW, WW, YW, RADG, SC, HP, CEM, MARB, and MILK EPDs. He is from the most productive cow family in our herd, his 15 year old pathfinder great-grandam is raising her 13th natural calf with a 381 day calving interval. She has accomplished this with being flushed two times and producing nine other embryo calves for a total production of 22 calves.
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We are so excited to invite you to the inaugural fall Power Performance Pedigree Sale. An extraordinary set of consigners have brought you an elite set of performance tested and pedigreed animals. The animals in this sale must qualify for the sale through DNA and EPD’s. Power & performance cattle must have 7 of the EPDs in the catalog TOP 50% or better, and show animals must be halter broke and able to lead. We feel this will give you the best set of animals available for purchase, and give you every bit of available information in your decision making progress.

Whether you plan to attend the sale in person, bid via phone or Internet, we are here for you! We have 4 experienced and knowledgeable sale representatives that are here to help. These individuals can evaluate lots or handle bids for you. Rest assured proxy bids, phone bids, and Internet bids are handled in a secure and confidential matter.

The set of bulls and females in this sale are some of the best animals available with many of them having EPDs that are TOP 1%. Many of our consigners have noted, they wanted to bring you something really special and that it is hard to want to part with such an excellent animal. There are many sale attractions in this throughout the catalog. Whatever we can do to help you please let us know. We want you, your family, and farm to be successful and safe.

Saturday October 8th, 2022 will be a great day for Angus in Midwest, so mark your calendar and be sure to join us!

Sale Manager - Phoebe Wiles 417-293-8002

Auctioneer - Jerry Lehman 573-999-4759

Ringman - Scott Crawford 816-804-1410

Ringman - Brett Sayre 573-881-1876

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