Valley View Angus Farms - Geno-Pheno Heifer Sale

Valley View Angus Farms - Geno-Pheno Heifer Sale

Valley View Angus Farms has over 70 years of experience in the Angus Industry. Lynn McElhany has spend the last 35 years creating the excellent quality of females you will find in this sale throughout his herd. The docility of Lynn's herd is something that he exceptionally proud of, and will make a world of difference in your herd when purchasing one of these fine females. Lynn has spent years, building a herd that highlights both the genotype and phenotype of Angus Industry. This selection of females represents a culmination of years of work in selective breeding, to create a female that is both phenotypically and genotypical correct. Valley View Angus Farm has had many a successful day in the show ring, highlighting some of Lynn's top places are: Grand Champion Bull at the Missouri State Fair Open Show, Grand Champion Bull at the Missouri State Fair 4H Show, Reserve Grand Champion Female Missouri State Fair Open, and 1st place class winners at the National Junior Angus Show. 

Valley View Farms is extremely proud to be offering you this excellent set of 5 bred heifers and 5 fall heifers. The selection of females in the sale are the kind of females that will win shows, and you can build a herd around!

Contacts: Lynn McElhany - Valley View Angus Farms - Republic, MO 417-569-6940

Sale End: April 22, 2021 7:00 PM

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