Privacy Policy

To bid, buy or sell on the Live Wire Auction site, personal information must be submitted at the time of registration. By registering on the site, users consent to the collection of this information. Live Wire Auction will never give or sell this information to an outside individual, group or company. All personal information provided will be used only by Live Wire Auction, and the Seller(s) from whom the Bidder/Buyer makes purchases from or bids in Seller(s) sales. The Bidder’s information will be used to maintain records for Live Wire Auction, as well as to communicate and provide services to the Bidder. 

The e-mail addresses collected are used exclusively to contact Bidders, Buyers and Sellers registered with Live Wire Auction. Use of this private information by anyone else for any purpose is strictly prohibited and will result in appropriate legal action.

Live Wire Auction website does contain links to outside websites; Live Wire Auction has no control over or responsibility for the content and/or privacy practices of these sites. 

“Seller” shall mean the party who is placing the lot(s) or merchandise for sale.

“Bidder” shall mean the party submitting an offer to purchase the lot(s) or merchandise for sale.

“Sale Manager/Management” shall mean Live Wire Auction.

“Buyer” shall mean “Bidder” who has submitted the successful offer to purchase the lot(s) or merchandise for sale.

Sale Manager reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time by posting amendments on the Live Wire Auction website. The amended terms and conditions shall automatically be effective immediately they are posted. These terms and conditions were last revised and updated on September 20, 2020.